Phoning Rules

Beetwen 9.30 and 2.30 week days.

When phoning Mistress Satine for the first time please make sure first you do not phone from a withheld number, as I do not take them seriously. 

Please be polite and know who you are talking to MISTRESS SATINE.

I do not like to be on the phone for more than 5-10 mins.

Do not try and talk over Me when I am talking as this is very frustrating.

Please understand Mistress is always very busy and may not be able to take your calls, do keep trying you will get hold of Me!

The best way to make contact is a nice email from you. 

My philosophy is simple. I believe that only with a good understanding between Mistress and slave can a satisfactory session take place. That is the reason why I will always talk, out of scene, before I enter a session. But rest assured once we enter My world then you will be MINE. 
From your Mistress Satine XxX 

Emailing Rules 

Please send an email if you wish to tell Me exactly how your fantasies play out, and how you want for it to come a reality.

When emailing Mistress please remember to be polite and start the introduction with Dear Mistress Satine not Dear Mistress, as Dear Mistress could have been sent to a number of Mistresses, the more information you give Me - the more you are encouraging Me to have a session with you !
Mistress Satine has fun in her sessions but remember you are there to serve, satisfy, and obey Mistress! and mosy of all have consenting safe fun!

How to Book A Session with Mistress Satine 

Once you have looked around My website and feel as though you have found the Mistress you need to cater for your desires and fantasies please contact me. I can be very fussy who I let into My personal space, there are ways to get a positive response from Me and this is if you follow the next steps.
I would like a nice detailed introduction email from you outlining any experience you have had or any you want to try.

  • Any medical/Health issues I need to know about.
  • Fears and phobias, if any.
  • I would like to know what it would mean to you if you were to be treated by Myself and how you propose to be submissive or slave worthy to Me.
  • Please tell Me of any potential dates you can do as soon as you know.

I do have a lot of emails streaming across My screen so please be patient because good things come to those who wait!
The ideal notice to book an appointment in advance is 2-3 days. If you can only make very short notice but would like to come and see Me, please send an email in advance, then I will have your details.

My regular slaves get priority short notice bookings.

Please confirm your appointment a couple of days before your session with Mistress Satine by phone or Email.
On the morning of your appointment If Mistress does not answer the phone (ill be getting ready!)  please just leave a Voice Mail, she will pick it up in time for your session. you will get direction/address from Mistress the day before your session by phone or email.

Out of respect
If you are going to be late then please keep Me informed! If I have another session that day it may interrupt with your time if you are late.
At the same time, please do NOT arrive early; I know it shows good faith and eagerness BUT I am not ready to start until your appointed time! Arrive spot on time then you are in My good books.

If you need to cancel your appointment at any time due to unfortunate events please do so by phone or email ASAP. 


The material on this site is considered sexually oriented and/or explicit, which certain people may find offensive or obscene.

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