What Mistress Expects From You

Her slaves to be polite and informative when talking to Her on the phone or by email, in fact at any time.

She likes her slave to arrive on time when a meeting has been arranged!!

Not early and definitely NOT late!! 

You will definitely be in Her good books if you are well informative.

Little or no information from you, NO session! SIMPLE!

She certainly likes gifts!!

Smart casual dressed (pleaseDO NOT arrive in your maid’s uniform, or in your rubber cat suit!)
If your shoes are dirty! off at the door!!

Your Mistress loves cats and has a few so be aware if you have an allergy. 

Make sure you are clean and smelling nice - I do have shower facilities if you need before and after. ​

To know that you have eaten and drunk plenty before any session. No Fainting allowed!! 

I will NOT tolerate anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will be shown to the door immediately. 

Mistress does like to have a chat and a coffee after a nice session but does not want you to over stay your welcome. Satine is a very busy Lady!

I do not offer over night or weekend stays.

Please don't offend Me by asking for intimate services that I do not offer!

Mistress likes to know that you are enjoying your time with Her, so reviews and ideas are very much appreciated. 

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