Mistress Answers

How old are you?

Old enough to know what I’m doing and young enough to have fun with it!

How long have you been a Mistress?

I have been Profession and lifestyle for 10+ years. My word that went quick!

What is your expertise?

How long do you have? Most of all I love to connect with you and give you what you really need and desire! Whether that be a damm fine thrashing or an erotic, sensual experience.

When can I come and see you?

When I am happy that I want to see you and when I have sufficient information about you and the type of session you desire. Please read Contact Me.

How do I book a session with you?

Click here

How long is a session?

1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours sessions is what I can accomadate.

I am a student can I get a student discount?

I have bills to pay, can I just throw them away?

Do you do Financial Domination?

I have never had a genuine enquiry, an awful lot of bogus ones! If you are genuine then get in touch! what girl doesn’t like to be spoilt with gifts and cash!

Will you blackmail me into doing things (that are going to destroy your life) like phone up your Boss or Wife?

NO!!! Get a life!! It rhymes with Banker!! In this case scenario it would only be fantasy not real!

Do you work weekends?

Saturdays only!! A Mistress needs some time to Herself.

Am I too old to come and see you?

As long as you promise not to have a heart attack!!! My oldest client is 92!

When is the best time to phone you and email you?

Best time to phone Me between 10am and 10pm. Email anytime!

Mistress is there anything you Don’t like and Do like?

Click Here

I don't want to be marked is this possible?

Depending on what you want. If you want to be caned without a mark it is possible to minimise the marking but most forms of CP will leave traces. I’ve found this to be the only thing that leaves marking within My sessions.

I want to be permanently marked?

Get a tattoo!

Can I take you out for dinner after our session or another time?

Once I have met you a few times and if I like you. I have many slaves take Me out for exquisite meals, these I have known for some time. I look forward in getting to know you!

Can you include forced bi in a session?

Again once I have met you a few times and we can build on our sessions this may be possible in the future.

No Bi Anal sex offered!

Can I have a Safe Word?

your SAFE words are ORANGE - (you are getting close to my limit now Mistress) 
RED- (STOP) The session will come to a halt and be assessed!

Is there parking and is it secluded?

There is ample parking and yes it is very secluded.

Is it near a motorway?

 About 15 min's away from the M5 Junction 4.

Can I shower before and after the session?

There is the facility to use a shower.

Can I turn up in My school uniform/ sissy maid dress?

NO thank you! Although I am situated in a secluded area there is still the risk, so to save any confusion or hassle, please do not turn up in anything other than your normal clothes.

Am I naked during the session?

I prefer you naked that way I can get to all of the interesting bits!

Do I have to be shaved to come and see you?

No you don't have to be shaved, although I do prefer you shaved, because it’s cleaner for wax play, electrics ect and its easier to get to your bits.

Do you smoke?

Yes thank you. If there is a problem with that I need to know. Otherwise I smoke Lambert and Butler Menthols. These can be found at most stores. Thank you.

Can I buy you a gift?

Am I female? Buy Me as much as you like! Please see My wishlist here for further ideas.

How do I tribute you Mistress?

The tribute is expected in an envelope upon arrival addressed to Mistress Satine.

How often can I book with you Mistress?

How ever often you like, but not too regular as I might just get fed up with you.

Can I be your 24/7 slave?

No, I have 1 already and that is enough for now!

Can I come and cook and clean for you?

There maybe opportunities for this send Me an email!

I want to be a Maid in return for a session?

I already have a Maid who is happy with JUST Maiding for Me. She does not expect to be rewarded with a session, she is under My control whenever she is with Me

Can I come to a club with you?

Perhaps I might let you when we get to know each other, email for more details on this.

Can I take you out to the theatre or opera house?

MMMMMmmmmm That would be a lovely treat for your Mistress, but, same always applies. Until I get to know you, will you have such privilege time with your Mistress.

Last but not least!!
Mistress will you marry me?

How sweet! I get asked this an awful lot, and unfortunately for you I am happily MARRIED to My one and only Q!

I am very flattered though.

I will always be your Mistress Satine XxX


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