With Mistress Satine

How do you prefer subs/slaves to address you?
Mistress, Miss, Lady Satine

Where are you based?
In the countryside in Worcestershire jnct 4 M5

How long have you been a Domme?
I have been enjoying being Dominant all of My life, I entered the scene about 10+ years years ago.

Do you specialise in any particular areas of BDSM?
I love the sensual side of BDSM. I love delving into your mind and making your fantasies comes true and building on them. All aspects of My play are sensual. Whilst I love to flog, spank and whip, you will experience pain only if that forms part of your fantasy . Wax and ice - creating different feelings. Rubber I love to tease, torment and restrict you in. Ropes, I enjoy spinning you in My web. The list is endless. As long as I can feed on your reactions this helps Me to enjoy you.

Have you ever tried being submissive?
When I first got introduced into the scene by My partner (Q) I was the plaything - I tried being submissive, because this is how it was introduced, I liked playing at being submissive but it was only ever a game for Me. I have never been sub. As soon as we changed roles (not long after I was introduced) this fitted My persona very well and I found it was the right place to be. All the equipment I have, I have tried out on Myself first, just to know what it is going to feel like for you. Some things I have not been able to try obviously. Just because I try these things first does not mean that I am submissive or that I enjoy them. It is a ritual I do for My own knowledge.

Outside of BDSM, what interests you?
I love to read, bake, cook, go out for nice meals, meeting people having fun and being creative.

Who are your heroes?
 My partner (Q)  My Mother and a few very close friends.

What are you afraid of?
 Not being Me!

What is the strangest request a submissive has ever made to you?
If I could eat them errr I think that one tops any other strange request.

Do you have your own dungeon/studio?
Yes I do, do you want to come and play?

Has anything ever happened in a scene which made you laugh?
I always like to laugh.

If you became locked in a dungeon, which of these following things would you like to have with you?

  • The drink you'd like to have with you? 

Lots of water and a slave to make coffee where needed!

  • The food you'd like to have with you?

A nice crisp salad and some home made sun dried tomato bread mmmm and cheese and tomato ketchup!

  • The music you'd like to have with you?

Everything that’s on My Ipod.

  • And what movie would you like to have with you?

The one we are making!

Which other Domme do you have a lot of respect for?
 I have respect for them all.

What is your favourite item of fetishwear?
All of  My wardrobe.

How do you deal with timewasters?
Simple answer. I don't.

Have you ever fallen for a sub? 
No never! Apart from the time I trip up over a rug with very high heels, but otherwise No!

Why would visiting You be a special experience?
Well if you like a Mistress who is very experienced in making your fantasies become reality and building and developing them, I am one of many Glamorous Dommes that can accommodate you. I have a safe clean environment to play in. I am constantly buying new toys for My pleasure and for your pain, tease or torment. I am not a nasty Domme who ignores your requests. I take all of your needs and desires into consideration and make them into My own. Judge for yourself and read My reviews on My website better still come and visit Me at My Domain.


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