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Led into my Mistresses Dungeon I was dressed in Rubber (how I love this part of

the session - wearing a black rubber dress!!) and I was required to kneel on

a stool, facing the A frame, and then roped in, tightly!!!  I was spanked, my private

parts attacked (?) with a spiky object, until after a while I was released, and

required to sit on the stool with my back to the A frame, and a pin wheel  played

on y tender parts!!!!

And then it was onto the swing and I cannot remember precisely what happened,

but I am sure the pinwheel came into play again, certainly on my penus, causing me

to enjoy the slight pain.  And then it was into the other dungeon, into a rubber

envelope, and a wondrous time followed, with my penus being rubbed and

 Followed by the use of the vibrator, when I was excited beyond mention

as I came to a crescendo. Oh, wonderful Mistress Satine, you certainly know

how to get your little girl EXCITED!!!!!!!

And may I PLEASE request another session next week - I shall await your instructions,

but may I PLEAD

A humble slave

My first visit to Mistress Satine

When Mistress Satine asked me if I would like to write a review of my first session with her I was obviously delighted and said yes without any hesitation.

But, when I came to think about what to write I realised what an impossible struggle it would be to fully explain what was without a doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had, as so much of it involves emotions and feelings which are personal to me. But, I will endeavour to do my best to explain why Mistress Satine is so perfect.

I first discovered Mistress Satine when scouring the Internet trying to find a dominatrix who was reasonably local to me but also looked like they were experienced and knew what they were doing. Perusing the website I got very excited at all the pictures of other subs in the gallery and also of the pictures of Mistress Satine herself which pleased me greatly. Plus, the forum was a good sign as the fact her slaves enjoyed their time enough to keep coming back both to her and her website could only be good.

To book my session I contacted Mistress Satine by email and prior to the day we communicated on several occasions so that I could write to her with my preferences and some background on my previous experience as a sub. All of which I appreciated greatly as I felt my desires were being considered even before we had ever met which, not only made me feel at ease but also even more excited about the day itself.

On the day itself I reached the door to Mistress Satines and before I could even knock at the door, it opened before me!
(This is where I struggle to grasp any form of coherency as the memories just flood back and I lose the ability to focus but I will do my best)
In my earlier correspondence I had expressed my love of rubber and as such on stepping through the open door I was met by the Mistress who was dressed all in rubber and looking absolutely fantastic.

On meeting a new Mistress for the first time I get very nervous which was obviously clear to see but, Mistress Satine did her very best to make me feel at ease. She sat me down and gave me a drink while we discussed my likes and dislikes a little more and what I wanted to get out of my session. She was already winning the award for the most personal and attentive Mistress I have ever visited and I have visited a few in my time.

Once the formalities were over we began the session itself, which was everything I could have asked for. To go into detail of the whole thing would take a while so, I will give try to keep it short.
It was obvious that Mistress Satine had read my emails and paid attention to the things we had discussed before we started as we did things that were purely enjoyable for me and nothing at all that I disliked.
Early in the session I revealed my favourite colour was pink which the Mistress combined with my love of rubber by dressing me in a short pink rubber skirt along with a pink collar, and pink rubber bra top. Combined with rubber stockings, incredibly high heels and a rubber hood and gag, I stood before a mirror posing for the Mistress and playing with myself for her pleasure. I was her little rubber slut.

Throughout the whole of my session I sensed that Mistress Satine was genuinely enjoying herself and even afterwards as we discussed what I enjoyed most about the session.
One little touch that I greatly appreciated was that when the session came to end I was lying in a rubber body bag in my little outfit with added rubber mittens and my hands cuffed together after having been made to suck a dildo while having my ass played with, the session had reached a fantastic climax. I was lying there panting, exhausted with nothing left and Mistress Satine leaning over me stroking my face asked if I would like to rest there for a few minutes before having to get up and get dressed.
It is only a simple little thing but it is a perfect example of the fact that I never felt rushed. Before, after and during. I have been to see many Mistress’ and very often once it’s over, that’s it. Your sent on your way. With Mistress Satine I never felt like just another customer. While I was there I was all that mattered. There was no rush. We even chatted for a bit afterwards.

If that is not a good enough reason alone to go and see Mistress Satine, I don’t know what is. I will definitely become a regular visitor of Mistress Satine as she makes you feel special. (Or whatever it is you want to feel ;-))

Plus, if you need more, she is young, beautiful, attentive, intelligent and basically fantastic.
I cannot wait to go again!

A humble slave


Well I arrived on time at Mistress Satines and nervously rang the bell. Mistress answered the door wearing a rubber corset and skirt and heels. I was instantly under her spell. We had a chat about likes and dislikes, my main dislike is the cane. It may seem odd in the sub-dom scene but I find the cane OTT.
So after our chat we went upstairs where I was ordered to strip. I wonts go in to great detail but heres a brief description of what followed.
First of all I was stood with my fact towards the rope bondage tower as I call it. Mistress blind folded me and then tied me to it. Then it was time for mistress to use wax and ice on me, especially my nipples. Then off with the blindfold and I was untied and then I had to use my hands to worship mistresses rubber clad body, and then to use the rubber polish. Next up was in my opinion the highlight of my visit the rubber bag. Mistress put me in and then a full face rubber hood with only holes for my nose and mouth. I was left there for a while, personally if Mistress had left me there allnight I would have been ecstatic! Mistress returned and then proceeded to do things to my cock and balls. Being hooded really exaggerated all the feelings, if you havent tried it then I strongly urge you to.
Then it was in to the bondage chair, again blindfolded and more wax and ice and ball weights, the electra stim was used as well. Then time for an enema and some anal play, boy is mistress good at that. And finally the vac bed, a bit scary at first but I soon got used to it. And finally watersports, Mistress is very good at that!
So ended this slaves first visit, it will most certainly not be my last. There are many mistresses out there but I think Satine is the best I have visited, such a pity its a bit of a trek from up north.
So mistress there you have it. Looking forward to seeing you again, especially the rubbber bag!

Your obedient servant,


My Dear Goddess

Well, here I am, back from choir rehearsal (and helping you to tidy up) and still buzzing and reeling after our incredible session. I still can’t believe the amount of new ground we covered in our wonderful 2 hours together.

Thank you for allowing me to worship and lick your lovely boots - just to be able to kneel in front of My Goddess and gaze into her beautiful eyes is a wonderful experience for me, the boots were a superb extra, as was the abuse I received!!

I’m not sure why that new device you fitted in my anus didn’t seem to have any effect - in fact I didn’t even realise that it might still in place until I was in the pillory, when I am sure I felt it being removed.

But to move on - I must admit that previously I was not certain how I would react to the cage. Obviously I knew that you wouldn’t leave me there forever (that’s because I trust you 1000%), but I did wonder how I would cope with the confinement. No problem at all - the biggest problem was trying to sound like a dog - perhaps I need you to give me a woof-woof lesson? I adored all the treatment you handed out whilst I was in the cage, the cane, the flogger, the trampling, the violet wand - the abuse I received was superb, and the hot wax absolutely great as always.

Then to move to the bondage stool (after more boot worship and licking), where I received a flogging the like and length of which I am certain you have never metered out to me previously. I think you must have use every flogger you possess!! Getting me to move into another dimension made the great pleasure I was feeling even greater - I only hope your arms recover soon!! The massage you gave me in between the floggings was just out of this world - I feel so privileged that you were willing to do this for me. Once again I coped admirably with the hood - perhaps we could try some of the others now that I am getting used to them. Basically my problem seems to be a fear and feeling of not being able to breathe properly when wearing them.

Then to come to a new high - to be taken to the toilet to take a golden shower and to drink My Goddess’s golden wine freshly served and undiluted - what an experience and certainly one that I trust will be repeated many times. I wanted to drink much more, but swallowing lying down is not easy.
Finally to the pillory for the anal play, this time with the strap-on. Again an unforgettable and mind-blowing experience and thankfully this time I did perform and how - that was certainly some orgasm for me!!


My first session with Mistress Satine took place in mid-January 2009 and this is a review of that unforgettable occasion.

As a 50 year old male sub with over 25 years experience of the submissive lifestyle, I still approached Mistress Satine’s beautiful, secluded home with some trepidation – especially as I arrived half an hour late!

It is a tribute to her professionalism that she still allowed the session to go ahead, after I had suitably apologised and been thoroughly put in my place even before the session began. As I had travelled a long distance, Mistress offered me a drink before we started and I politely served a glass of chilled water for each of us. As we chatted, my first impression was of a young, attractive, intelligent, self-confident lady with a beautiful body, highly expressive eyes and lips. For this session she appeared with her long naturally flowing red hair. This session promised to be even better than I had been expected from reading her highly informative website and exchanging emails.

Soon I was naked before this ultimate Mistress on my knees, where I belonged; showing my respect with some boot worship (that fell short of her high standards) as she rightly humiliated me for the flabby state of my body and my apology for a cock. I was left in no doubt as to who was going to be in full control right from the start as it should be with a true dominant. Bottom worship later in the session further emphasised our relative positions in the fast forming relationship.

What followed was two hours of intense pleasure, pain and dare I say it a lot of fun as Mistress, showing an understanding and knowledge way beyond her years, sought my limits in various activities. We agreed not to use a safe word; Mistress Satine knew, intuitively, just how far to go in this initial session. I soon realised that I was in safe but strict hands.

I cannot write about all that happened in detail but these are some of the key points. I began the session in earnest secured, in collar and cuffs, to the high quality, four-sided A-frame for an initial beating with various implements - my bottom and shoulders soon reddened! At this stage I received one of the fiercest clawing sessions I have encountered – Mistress Satine proved to be one of the few dommes who can really hurt my “battle-worn” nipples.
I also visited Mistress Satine’s wonderful “toilet” where I was privileged to drink her fine wine. Once again I failed to meet her high standards, allowing some to escape my lips during my urgent swallowing – the flow seemed never to end and became stronger before she was comfortable again. I was left soaking in her nectar for five minutes before being forced to lap up the remainder from a bowl, just like a dog.

A further highlight was her beautiful swing where I was secured, blindfolded, gagged and with legs up and apart gynae-style for some anal torment and CBT, using electrics. I stoically survived the strongest setting only to be advised that the batteries were running low and that next time they would be fresh!

I was returned to lean over the A-frame for twenty strokes of the crop (I think!) whilst I counted each stroke before thanking Mistress and apologising for my forgetting her phone number. I was humbled and in the most perfect subspace by now. As Mistress released me I burst forth in tears of pure joy and Mistress held me close whilst I regained something of my composure.

Sessions as good as this come rarely but I suspect that Mistress Satine will prove able to match and even surpass this experience during my future visits – and I’m sure that if Mistress permits there will be many more.

Although I had arrived very late, Mistress still gave me a full session and provided ample time afterwards for a wash and a chat accompanied by a cup of coffee produced by her fortunate live-in sub. If you can access the Midlands and are looking for a genuine pro-domme you really must pay Mistress Satine a visit – but don’t be late!

little willy
Jan 09

Hi everybody,

This is a review of my second visit to Mistress Satine last Friday. On this occasion I arrived punctually and set out to convince Mistress Satine that I am worthy of being trained by such a supreme Mistress.

I began on my knees in the lounge praising Mistress even before our brief preliminary discussion. Having offered my tribute (I hope you approved of the card Mistress) I waited, on my knees, at the foot of the stairs whilst Mistress collected a tray on which she placed my ginger and some kitchen utensils. On Her orders I walked upstairs, dutifully carrying the tray, before entering the dungeon and removing my clothes.

I knelt before Mistress Satine, feeling a slight chill and an added sense of vulnerability as a result of my recent full body shave, worshipping her boots respectfully in between singing the praise of Mistress using all the adjectives I could find to describe the beauty of her body and mind.

Soon I was being bound in the wet room, whilst Mistress scorned my pathetic little appendage. A ruler was produced and, even after being required to arouse myself under her condescending gaze, a measurement of only four inches was announced. I was reminded that such minute proportions were not to the liking of Mistress and that they would make CBT very difficult for Mistress. However this did not stop Mistress from using the ruler to beat any excitement out of the tiny little thing. A lightweight rubber hood was fitted before I heard the sound of fast flowing liquid. What was happening? I soon discovered the answer to this as Mistress produced a small syringe and slowly fed her little pig with the most perfect wine. This was, I believe, interspersed with play from Satine's pinwheels that had me writhing from the ticklish sensations!

I returned, on my knees, to the dungeon where Mistress produced me a tumbler full of her wine. I was invited to drink this as Mistress cleared the rack ready for action. Unfortunately I gulped down my drink, as if swilling down a beer. Mistress Satine soon made clear the error of my ways pointing out that her drink was something to be savoured slowly. Once again I had failed Mistress. Will I, ever again, be allowed the priviledge of tasting Satinet Blanc?

Once fully stretched on the rack I was informed that I was to be made to suffer for being so disrespectful as to lie stretched out with a floppy apology lying on my belly. Sure enough I suffered as Mistress set to work tying my cock and balls and tormenting my penis before dripping copious amounts of candlewax on my body.

Next Mistress applied a fairly substantial weight to my genitals. Well I thought it was - Mistress would probably say it was a light weight! I was then attached to the a-frame for Mistress to give me a light flogging before inspecting my inadequate attempt at shaving. Mistress produced her electric depilator and paid particular attention to the area around my nipples. As it pulled the tiny remaining hairs, I found myself commiting the sin of blowing kisses to Mistress. She spoke to me sternly and pointed out that I looked like a ridiculous goldfish when I behaved like that. I was then turned around so that Mistress could complete the task of removing all of the hair from my back. This was excruciating as the hairs were longer and Mistress decide that I should be further punished by having her use the device with the foil removed.

There followed a time when I was granted the honour of worshipping the exquisitely soft, tender and well-toned body of Mistress Satine. A priviledge for which I am truly grateful, but alas one for which I received Satine's disapproval with a command to "be gentle". If I ever earn the right to worship Mistress again in this fashion then I will ensure that Mistress Satine's feelings and pleasure are the only things in my mind. Please accepy my public apology for this inexcusable lack of due respect.

And then to the swing for the moment of truth - I was to be figged with ginger for the first time! Mistress took a great deal of time restraining me in a new, highly exposed position on the swing, which put pressure on my leg muscles. Then the warm, tingly irritation of the ginger began to kick in as Mistress pushed the ginger relentlessly in and out. Occasionally removing the stem to peel of another layer to produce yet more irritating juice. Finally Mistress added pain to the irritation by using, what I think was an acrylic cane, to strike me in that sensitive area around the groin and anus. In my view only a caning on the inner thighs is worse!

Finally the time came for the ginger to be removed and I sensed my session was coming to an end - but how wrong I was. After Mistress extensively probed my back passage with gloved fingers (how many I could not say) she inserted the electric but plug. After some enjoyable sensations, Mistress stated that I was to receive 10 seconds at high power (and I think the batteries were quite fresh!). Mistress asked if I was ready and I braced myself for what was to follow. I don't know whether the ginger contributed to the sensation or what - but wow! I was breathing hard and deep and after six seconds (counted by Mistress) I really wondered whether I was going to cope, but with the end in sight I held in there. I knew Mistress was really pushing me in a way only the very best dommes can achieve.

As I was gently helped out of the swing I was entering subspace and totally under the spell of the Ultimate Mistress Satine. But there was still the caning to come - 20 last time I now rember Mistress - 40 this time as punishment for forgetting the number of strokes last time and, I think, other misdemeanours during the session. The first 10 were quite gentle, but stingy. I counted and thanked Mistress between strokes. 11-20 were delivered rapidly and I only had to count. I was beginning to tingle. 20-30 were delivered more slowly and by thirty I was at that stage where I wondered if I would cope. 30-40 seemed harder but they were mercifully delivered more slowly and I added more superlatives to the praises I gave Mistress between strokes. At the end I invited Mistress to give me one further really hard stroke if it would give her pleasure. It did and she really let fly! Two days later I still have a beautiful raised ridge to show for it.

I hope that Mistress enjoyed the session despite the fact that I have so far to go with my training before I can reach Mistress Satine's exacting standards. She certainly seemed to enjoy snapping away at times during the session.

Until the next session, I will remain your devoted,

little willy


This was my third visit and what a visit the electric, pegs, and candle wax for C B T which i was trying was worth asking for again. as a novice and experiencing a Mistress who is friendly and explains what is about to happen is well worth visiting. As well as the rack the bondage stool was well a really different experience as the cane was well the cane . The torture chair and the weights for more C B T was a new experience too. But the mistress has a new piece of equipment and yes i was allowed to go under it. Her toilet is interesting and its hard to describe but just a third visit and allowed this experience. i would like to say that if you haven’t ever visited a mistress before and thought it was all canes and handcuffs you must try it at least once and you never know you may enjoy it enough to go back again . i am looking forward to my next visit and must say a big thank you to Mistress Satine for a fantastic session and roll on my forth .

I had been seriously considering visiting a Mistress for some time but for one reason or another, I found an excuse not to. After much deliberation and convincing myself that it was the right thing to do, I think that its better to regret something you have done rather than regret something you haven't, I decided to contact Mistress Satine. For me, even making that first contact with a mistress was a big deal, so I wrote to her, explaining how nervous I was and briefly outlined what I liked and what I hoped for in the session. I received a reply back from Mistress Satine pretty quickly. From the very beginning, she was very understanding and in no way pushy. After several e-mail exchanges over the course of the week, It became clear to me that she was genuinely interested in helping me get the most out of the session and wasn't just after my money. One of the reasons I was so hesitant about contacting a mistress in the past was that I imagined I would walk in the door, get beaten to a pulp and robbed of my money so it was absolutely necessary for me to feel that I could trust this person and the way that she replied to my mails convinced me that that she was somebody I could trust, so I decided to take the plunge and book the appointment. Following several sleepless nights through nerves the big day came. I followed the instructions she gave me and when I got to her apartment, she buzzed me in. The first thing that struck me was how beautiful she was and I must add, that her photos on her website do not do her justice!! She invited me in to her immaculate apartment and made me a drink. We spent a good half an hour having an informal discussion about me and what I wanted and what I thought I liked. She very patiently went through my e-mails and clarified everything that I had written and did her best to explain everything to make sure that I was very happy before we began. I must add that Mistress Satine has the patience of a saint; I went in to the session thinking I wanted XYZ but having spoken to her I started to think that I actually wanted ABC. I have never spoken openly to anyone about my fantasies before but Mistress Satine was very easy to talk to and I felt no embarrassment in explaining to her my hopes and desires.

Not once did she try to push me into trying something that would suit her and the initial chat was all about me. Mistress Satine is extremely professional, I could tell that she had done her homework on me and I genuinely felt that she was interested in developing a relationship over time and not just making a quick buck out of me. She did extremely well as being a complete beginner I really had no honest idea of what I wanted so she had very little to go on initially. Only through gaining my confidence and trust was she able to get me to open up to her and give her the clues that only somebody with her experience and interest in BDSM would pick up on. Feeling confident that she knew as much about me as possible we decided to start the session. There is no way that an hour is long enough, for me the time flew by. As it was my first ever experience, she was very gentle with me and whilst keeping in with her role tried to let me know what was coming next and where we were going so that there were no nasty surprises. All of the time, I could tell that her mind was working, she read me perfectly and seemed to know exactly when to slow down or increase the intensity. With in the fist few minutes of the session my mindset changed completely. I remember thinking, "I am loving this" and it felt totally right to give my body and mind over to her. It doesn't feel right to go into detail as to what actually happened, but during the session, it felt like a whole new world was opening up to me. It felt like Mistress Satine genuinely cared about how I was feeling and as the session progressed, the whole role play became more and more real in my mind, as if it wasn't just an act but a real situation happening right there and then!! When the session had finished I was offered a bath and having made myself presentable again we sat down and had another drink and discussed the session. At this point I was very subdued, I had just had one of the most emotionally intense experiences of my life and cannot remember the last time that I felt so alive. It truly was a wonderful experience. We spent another half hour or so discussing what happened and how I felt. Mistress Satine was keen to hear what I thought. I never felt pressured into leaving and the get together after the session was very light hearted and relaxed, it was almost like talking to an old friend. I think the biggest compliment that I can give to her is that when the session ended, I immediately knew that I'd be back for more having not been subjected to a horrendous experience and scarred for life. It was a fantastic welcome into the world of BDSM and since the session, my mind has been racing with ideas for the next session!! Thank you very much Mistress Satine! Slave Rich

This visit to Mistress Satine was unbelievable fire was great and well as a novice and visiting Satine again proved very interesting. For the session started on the rack and well the fire was warm and hot but what an experience. Then i was trampled a new experience and one to progress with. But the caning on the pillory well my legs get in the way so Mistress Tied me up like an oven ready Turkey well i had just had the fire treatment. Then after that well the toilet and it all came to an end im really looking forward to the next session. Almost forgot the nipple clamps and electrics and the hood and gag.

My first session with Mistress Satine By Culrouge Two days ago. I had my first session with Mistress Satine. It was such a thrilling experience that I felt I must write a review. I looked at the reviews already on the web site and saw that it would be difficult to find something new to say, since She was so highly regarded by all the reviewers. Anyway here goes. I had seen Mistress Satine's web site and thought that She might be the Mistress for me. We exchanged emails to establish what my tastes were (CP and humiliation) and I made an appointment to visit. I am of advancing years and have had experience of a number of Mistresses, so I was not nervous, just afraid of being disappointed. However when I was let in and came face to face with Mistress Satine, I knew straight away that this was going to be special. She looked stunning in Her sensational outfit and during our pre-session discussion, She showed that She had read my emails and understood my tastes. During the session She demonstrated Her competence in many of Her specialities, wielding Her canes and paddles very effectively, as my still sore bottom can testify.

I also experienced the exquisite pain in my genitals from Her array of electrics. I thought I was in heaven when She allowed me a brief respite from the pain and permitted me to worship Her beautiful bottom. I like to have photos taken of my sessions, so Mistress Satine had arranged for Mistress Scylla to be on hand to take the photos. This She did very efficiently without intruding on the session and some pictures now appear on the web site - I'm the fat old man with the big backside. The session exceeded all my expectations and my only regret was that it had taken me so long to discover Mistress Satine. Mistress Satine is by far the youngest mistress I have visited but She is the also the most assured and commanding. She is committed to giving Her devotees what they need. I won't ever need to seek out another mistress. Why should I, when I have clearly found the best. Any of you out there who are hesitating should make the move now and make an appointment with Mistress Satine. If you don't, you will be missing a great experience.

I visited Mistress Satine a few weeks ago in search of my favourite Aunty, to fulfil the nagging unexplicable need that surfaces to nag me a few times a year. She is situated near Kidderminster in a private house in a secluded area. There is amble parking close by. I corresponded initially by e-mail and it was fun setting up the appointment and explaining what I required. She is obliging and has an excellent sense of humour. In fact setting up the appointment was so much fun I feel like corresponding with her on a daily basis!! On the day of the appointment as instructed I telephoned to confirm and get final directions to the location to be told she was unavoidable detained:- “running late”. When you meet her it will instantly be appreciated that you would not dare be late – what an unfair world. . Mistress, or to me Aunty, Satine is young and very pretty. Her pictures do not do her justice. Although slight she packs a fair punch or more correctly wallop and my unhurried session went through a series of corner time and bent over times. During the latter I was bent over her knee, the bench and chair or name but a few while I received just reward for my miss-deeds from a variety of interesting and stinging instruments. The ruler broke – you would have though it was me that had been late!? I have been detailed to supply a new one which I have for my next visit. A vist which I am just in the process of arranging. I have already been told to bring my pyjamas so that I can look more the part of the naughty nephew. Aunty Satine is a very nice person and it was relaxed and enjoyable session. So relaxed that this unhurried session went well passed the hour I had booked. For at least a half hour after my ‘session’ I sat with a drink, naked without realising it, chatting to this young lady as if I had known her all my life and wishing I had. Overall it was a very enjoyable session and I had a reminder of it everytime I sat down for the next few days. I look forward to the next. PW

I was looking for a new mistress for a while I came up with Mistress Satine's website. After reading every bit of information over and over I decided that she might be the one. The young genuine dominatrix that can push my limits and show me next level of BDSM. I was a bit reluctant at first as she lives far away from where I live but after chatting and exchanging email I made up my mind and booked the session. I've visited a dominatrix before but I still consider myself as a newbie. After two and a half hours of train trip I arrived at Mistress Satine's place. When she opened the door I thought "oh my god she is gorgeous", she took me to a room for our little chat before the session,my cup of tea was waiting on the table. I was a little nervous before our chat, which is quite natural as I still feel like a newbie. We discussed about my experience and my limits. She made a few suggestions about the session, which all sounded reasonable, well it was impossible for me to say no actually. Then she took me to the session room where it was filled with fantastic toys, and I guess I am the luckiest guy on the world as she got some more toys the previous day and didn't have the chance to use them on any other slaves. I was practically her test dummy :-) which was an amazing experience as she was comfortable with all the toys she has. During the session we experimented things I thought I would never try and really enjoyed every bit of it. That was it I've found the one. Now I just can't wait for our next session.

I have been visiting the wonderful and gorgeous Mistress Satine for about 6 years now, with each session as amazing as the previous. After all these years I’m still nervous when I arrive, waiting for her to answer the door, wondering what stunning outfit she will be wearing to welcome me inside. I am always made to feel comfortable and put at ease with her lovely personality when I go inside, always offered a drink before we have a friendly chat. Just before the session starts, we chat about if there’s anything I’d like to do in particular, or if there’s anything I’d like to try for the first time. When Mistress Satine decides its time to start the session, the sub / domme role begins. We have had quite a few sessions outdoors (weather dependant) where she can use even more of her thoughtful imagination on me, including the use of nettles. The sessions inside have been many, pushing my boundaries further and further, trying new things out, as Mistress knows me so well by now. I have done things that I didn’t think I could handle, but obviously Mistress Satine has a genuine professionalism and I trust her totally. Mistress knows I enjoy CBT and I have still been stinging the next day, giving me a happy reminder of my previous days session. She certainly knows how to deliver the contrasting feelings of both ends of the sensory scale. One session I will always remember fondly, was the first time she used needles on me, as I was hooded and bound firmly to the table, awaiting my fate. Thankfully she took a few photos to show me her skills. As much as Mistress is gorgeous, I prefer to be blindfolded, either by mask, or my favourite – hood. Its not that I don’t enjoy looking at her beauty, I feel more ‘in the zone’ so to speak when my sight is removed and I don’t know what will happen next. I hope Mistress understands, but going by my past sessions, I think she knows. I have been fortunate enough to have sessions with some of Mistress Satines friends, including Mistress Scylla, Miss Raptor and Madame E. I have only ever been to one Mistress – Mistress Satine, so having a session with two at once is a mind blowing experience, as I have found to my peril, especially when Mistress Satine and Mistress Scylla team together. I’m sure they have an even wickeder glint in their eyes, and become more naughty when the sisters are teamed together, but I don’t complain J - I just wish I could stay longer in there company. When the time is up, and it seems to fly by so quickly, but they do say time flies when your having fun – Mistress Satine gets me a towel and starts the shower so I can clean up, and waits for me with another drink, where we have another chat about the session or just a general conversation about life, thus bringing us back to the real world again. Like I have mentioned, I’ve been visiting Mistress Satine for about six years now, and may it continue for many more years to come. TA Written October 2012



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