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I recently experienced my first two hour session with the Mistress today and I will never be able to fully explain how great and fantastic my time with her was. But as usual I will attempt to describe it for you. Having been to see Mistress Satine a few times already I already feel extremely comfortable with her and she has in our few snatched hours together begun to understand my desires and emotions. So as soon as I walk in her front door I feel warm and excited as I am truly at home in a place where I can be myself completely. I have also come to feel in my head that I am completely hers and when I am in a session with Mistress Satine I would do absolutely anything she requires. I have become her little rubber bitch. As usual we start out with a little chit chat and discuss my ideas for our session. Mistress as usual has obviously read my email carefully as the session that followed was beautifully planned around my prior fantasies. Once naked Mistress Satine put me in a fantastic hood with pink bows and pigtails on. The Mistress is well aware that my favourite colour is pink and is often kind enough to make a feature of it in my outfits as she knows too well it helps me become a different person. Her little pink rubber slut. An unexpected plus at the start of our session was being put into the cock & ball stocks that Mistress had only bought that weekend and she was itching to try out. I was honoured enough to be her test subject and I can tell you that the feeling is exquisite! I had no idea that my penis could be squashed down so flat! Standing there completely helpless trapped by my cock & balls as Mistress Satine teases you is something I definitely recommend. Being a little slut Mistress starts to warm me up for later by inserting a butt plug before binding me in rope bondage. A bit of posing for the camera as I am very much an exhibitionist and then it is time for a change of costume. I feel even more at home once Mistress puts me in my normal outfit of hold ups, rubber skirt, pink corset and pink wig over another rubber hood as I now look even more slutty. Mistress makes me beg for a fucking as she has me sucking on a dildo to prove my worth. Bent over a bench with my skirt hoisted up and my legs spread Mistress removes my butt plug and proceeds to play with my arse fingering me and using dildoes. As I beg to be fucked harder and harder Mistress gets faster fucking me like I only dreamed and I find myself pushing back against her as I want to feel the penetration get deeper and deeper. She takes me to the brink of ecstacy and I can feel nothing but energy surging through me. I made noises that I don't think I've ever heard come out of me before as my body seeks to express its pain & pleasure! Completely exhausted it is time to recuperate. But, first Mistress inserts an even bigger butt plug just to keep me entertained. Before placing me in a rubber body sack. Lying there on the floor encased in rubber unable to move I regain my breath taking it all in. Mistress Satine leaves me alone for a few minutes to dwell on things as she goes to relax. Upon her return she sits on my stomach and teases my nipples through the bag as she explains it is now her turn for some fun. Removed from my body bag I am led blindly to the queening stool. Lying back into it Mistress removes her knickers and pushes them through the mouth hole in my hood crotch first, gagging me. With Mistress Satine taking her place on top of me I am made to use my nose to stimulate her. Inserting my nose into her vagina I can feel her through my hood and smell her through the nostril holes. Her beautiful aroma enveloping me. Rubbing more vigorously teasing her I continue to please my Mistress until she cums. I am truly honoured! I of course could see nothing due to my hood which is only right as I am just her little bitch. I only see what I am told. But to be so close to my Mistress and please her as she wished makes me feel truly happy. (Not to mention very turned on!) For the final part of my session I am lead through to the bondage bed. Tied down and teased mercilessly I am teased so much I beg to be allowed to cum at which point Mistress unties my left hand (I am right handed) and allows me to bring myself to orgasm as Mistress stands on the bed towering over me. Mocking me throughout. The end of a session with Mistress Satine although a sad event as it is all over is never an abrupt or disappointing experience. After removing my outfit Mistress offers me the use of the shower which I take. A nice warm refreshing shower is always good after such a hard play and as I sit there afterwards drying my hair we sit chatting about the session over a drink and just about the world in general. I could have stayed chatting for hours but, eventually I force myself to leave and although beforehand I told Mistress this was to be my last session for a while I leave wondering how I can get back sooner! A humble slave Sophie

My second visit to Mistress Satine An amazing experience and even more fantastic than my first. My excitement and anticipation grew vastly before we had even started when Mistress Satine informed me that Mistress Velvet would be present not as a participant but just a photographer for the website. But even so on seeing Mistress Velvet in person and discovering what a beautiful young Mistress she is I could not help but feel lucky that another Mistress would be there in the background witnessing my submission and humiliation. It definitely did nothing to harm my experience that’s for sure! :-) Plus, knowing that every picture taken could end up on the website has a big thrill factor for me. Knowing that anyone who accesses Mistress Satine's website can see me in my slut form and under the complete control of my Mistress is one of the things I love about my sessions. As such it is something I personally request prior to a session, as I'm sure it is not for everyone. To start Mistress proceeded to help dress me in an outfit, which heavily features my favourite colour of pink! Pink stockings, short black skirt, high heels and a beautiful pink corset which Mistress Satine always manages to get nice and tight. Next comes the rubber hood, which always makes me feel the part. I love the feeling of having my head encased in a nice tight rubber hood and once it's on I always feel complete in my slut mode and ready to do anything! The finishing touch was a blonde wig over the top of my head, which looked great and helped keep the feminine look to the outfit. Once complete in my outfit I was instructed to pose and play with myself in front of a mirror while Mistress Satine circled me all the while commenting on what a little slut I am. Getting me to pose like a slut, showing my butt to the camera and enjoying my reflection in the mirror now that I can see just what a little slut Mistress Satine has turned me into as I gaze at my transformation through the eye holes in my hood merely able to grunt or moan my satisfaction. Moving me to the door I was restrained with my hands above me and legs parted by a leg spreader so that Mistress Satine could raise up my little skirt and have a look at what had been causing the bulge there just before. Now able to get a grip on the situation Mistress proceeded to take control of the situation by hanging weights from my balls to teach me a lesson for being so excited. The strain that you feel when weights are hanging from your testicals is something that is hard to explain but, something which I thoroughly recommend, as I particularly love it. Every movement has a consequence as the swing of the weights pulls on you a little bit more causing extra strain and tension, which makes the blood flow feel electric. After teasing me in this prone state I was made to move across to the pillory but with the leg spreader and the weights still attached it is an interesting journey. Waddling as I have to with the spreader bar between my legs the swing on the weights increases which creates an enjoyable struggle to my goal. Bent over the pillory with my head clamped into position and unable to look behind me with my skirt still hitched up my backside is in a very vulnerable position and it is now that Mistress Satine is going to start my training proper as a slut. Wanting to make me an accessible and agreeable little slut who can take any size Mistress Satine proceeds to use a dildo on me slowly at first but increasing in speed as we go on. But, not just speed! The size of the dildo also increased as we went too. My durability being tested for future reference maybe? ;-) This part of the session made up the final chapter, the culmination of which I will keep to myself, as even I like to keep some things confidential. Plus, it leaves you to imagine what happened to me in the end. I'm sure you can all think of something! As with last time I have been a bit long winded but I like to share my experiences with you. I hope it's an enjoyable read. The important thing to remember is that as last time Mistress Satine was just as brilliant and attentive and at the end we sat and chatted about my experience. Plus, it goes without saying that I shall be going again and I will continue to write about my experiences here if Mistress Satine so wishes. A humble slave Sophie


My appointment with Mistress Satine was wonderful and very fulfilling, I am a new slave to Her and I can tell you that her pad is very clean tidy and welcoming, I was struck by her beauty as I walked in and could not wait to start, Mistress spoke to me first to discuss the session and put me at ease as I was nervous, then when the session started She took on a more dominant role and started by making me crawl to kiss he beautiful feet and shoes, I also was privileged enough to kiss her stunning bottom, I am indeed a lucky slave, my session was everything I wanted and more, She has a good collection of toys and furniture including a large metal bed covered in rubber and leather straps, at the end Mistress Satine was happy to let me clean up and relax with a drink and a chat about how the session went and if their was anything I didn't like or would like to try next time, I was surprised that She was not kicking me out straight after but She is a very understanding professional who cares about giving a good service, I can highly recommend Her and will be back ASAP, Brian Mistress Satines apprentice doormat.

A few days ago I went to visit Mistress Satine in her beautiful clean flat in the West Midlands. I had done a lot of searching on the Internet before choosing Mistress Satine, and indeed, had written to 2 or 3 mistresses first. I have visited a number of mistresses before, and I must say that none have been as nice as Mistress Satine, and with none has the experience been so pleasurable. I feel it important that the mistress knows me before the session as a first session can be somewhat difficult and clinical otherwise, so I had a couple of lengthy emails with Mistress Satine. I explained my experiences, my likes and dislikes, my wishes from the session, and I got lengthy emails back which made me look forward to the session with even more anticipation. We confirmed the booking, and on the appointed day I drove to the agreed location, from where I phoned the mistress. This was my first actual conversation with her and she sounded very educated, and gave me very precise directions to find her. I felt very relaxed as I walked up to her modern flat, and was very impressed when the mistress opened the door, wearing clothes similar to those, which I had hoped for. She proceeded to help me relax further with a cup of coffee, as she went through a number of other treatments to ascertain my interest, even explaining what some of them meant! We then started the session, and the time. I am a person, who likes variety, and I certainly got plenty of that in our 3- hour session - yes I am a glutton for punishment. Mistress Satine did everything I wished for (well nearly, but we have to save something for next time), and more besides. The whole session was carried out in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere with beautiful music and lighting to accompany the session. Mistress Satine can be both caring and dominant, and very much sensed how I was feeling throughout. As to details of what went on in the session, some things are best left between me and the mistress but baked beans were introduced at one point!! Will I go back? Most certainly, I cannot wait. A truly wonderful experience.

On the morning I was due to have my session with Mistress Satine I was overcome with nerves. It was only the third time I'd approached a professional mistress. I was assailed by a thousand doubts, my stomach was churning and I almost cancelled the appointment. I'm very glad that I didn't! Mistress Satine is a beautiful, intelligent and genuinely friendly young woman who has an undisguised passion for female domination. Her apartment is immaculate and very well equipped for all tastes. I'd rather expected that, as she does this for a living and as we'd scheduled the appointment for a Monday morning, she would only simulate interest during the session. I could not have been more wrong. It soon became obvious that Mistress Satine was enjoying herself! I like fairly hard CP and the Mistress was happy to test my limits, using a range of paddles, canes and floggers. I'd booked a two hour appointment so there was time to try a variety of things, including Queening and hot wax. For me, the combination of pain and eroticism that Mistress Satine conjured up, during our session, was quite wonderful! Although it was only the first time we'd met, I felt very safe with her. I instinctively knew that she was concerned for my health and safety and that she would not do anything that would compromise either. The session overran the allotted time-span and, even after I was fully dressed again, Mistress Satine continued chatting as if we'd known one another for ages. Before I left, she gave me a hug .It felt like parting from an old friend rather than someone who was providing a professional service. Mistress Satine, you're truly wonderful! Needless to say, I'll soon be back! Slave Alex

I have now visited this exciting young Mistress on two occasions. Being an experienced slave of many years, I was looking for someone special and oh boy have I found her! Mistress Satine is young, experienced and very attractive! (In fact she takes my breath away in more ways than one if you know what I mean). Her equipment is first class and she uses it with relish. My two sessions so far have met all my expectations and she now has me captured - a situation I want so much! I believe the biggest and most important sex organ in the body is the brain and she uses hers to maximum effect. Her ability to role play and hold a role throughout an entire session is simply outstanding, especially as I know this is so very difficult. She is quite simply outstanding and I am so very glad I have met her!! Roll on our next session! Best regards, David

Dear Mistress Satine, Thank you for a lovely time yesterday. Here is the testimonial you requested. ”Entering into Mistress Satine residence was the start of taking me into another world for the time i was with her. Mistress put me at ease and we discussed my previous experiences and thoughts on the forthcoming session. I was then taken on a journey of new experiences by Mistress Satine who led me through them with expertise. Mistress demonstrated that the pre-session email and discussion gave her the ingredients for a tailored exhilarating session, where Mistress understands your thoughts, desires and takes control of them. Mistress then gently returned me to the real world with fond memories that will last till the next time i visit Mistress Satine”. -Susie Hope this is what you wanted? Till the next time Yours Susie

A Novice visits a Dominatrix with a Difference

Today was my first visit to Mistress Satine (indeed my first visit to any mistress). For the rest of this review I shall refer to her as My Mistress, for indeed I have no wish to serve anyone else ever.


I found My Mistress on the internet. From the moment I saw her web site I was attracted, as I could see that here was a mistress with a difference. Our exchange of correspondence by e-mail was helpful to us both and we subsequently agreed a date and time for the first session.

Being a novice, when the day arrived I was obviously apprehensive and nervous. However, I had no thoughts on backing out, as I am not a “time waster”. How right I was to have the courage of my convictions!!

When I entered My Mistress’s apartment I was confronted by a vision of beauty. She instantly recognised my apprehensiveness and nervousness. We sat down in her kitchen and talked totally openly for some 20 minutes over a cup of coffee. She was so reassuring that by the time the session started I was totally relaxed and we had the full hour together. What occurred during the session is for My Mistress and I to know and you, dear reader, to imagine. Suffice it to say that the session ended in the most mind-blowing way you could imagine.

Even then, My Mistress was not finished. She invited me to shower and then we again sat down in her kitchen to talk through the session and explore possibilities for the future. I was so overcome with my emotions that tears began to run down my face. What did My Mistress do – she took me in her arms and gave me a great big hug!! Needless to say I have booked my next session and hope that there will be many, many more to follow. I can truthfully say that my world has changed for the better.

In conclusion I cannot sing My Mistress’s praises too highly. She is young, beautiful beyond belief, dynamic and vibrant with a tremendous sense of purpose, but at the same time possessing an understanding of a slave’s needs that you might expect from someone considerably older. She is more than willing to spend time talking with you outside of a session and still give you the full allotted time within the session. Whether you are a novice or an experienced slave you will find that My Mistress will open up a world that you never new existed. She truly is a Dominatrix with a Difference.

Slave Allan

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