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I am just back from my first session with Mistress Satine. Satine, Satin with an "e" that stands for expert, exciting, electric and entrancing. My session started with a chat to find out my desires and experience (none!). I was excited, nervous and a little concerned that I was letting myself in for something I had no control over but having made me feel comfortable Mistress allayed my fears and took to a wonderful place I had never been before. Mistress Satine is charming, intelligent, erudite, mischievous and a little dangerous as she charmed me into complete surrender to her will. I needn't have worried as our conversation had led Mistress Satine's mind to all sorts of BDSM treats for me over the next hour. It started with a beating I deserved and ended with an orgasm I didn't. In between I was introduced to the delights of electro-stimulation and restraint with the added delight of being pegged by Mistress Satine before her magic wand sent memover the edge. It is my desire for more pain, punishment and pleasure from Mistress Satine and I will be back for more soon.


15 October 2019

I've recently returned from my latest session with Mistress Satine. It was another work out for the senses and as ever, a fantastic and fun experience.

I was greeted by the mistress wearing a beautiful three piece rubber outfit in shiny red and translucent black, she wore sections of her gorgeous hair in four long braids with the rest of her mane flowing down her back. 

I was then taken to the play room and told to strip. I'd always had a hankering to try a little sissifcation and after seeing the pictures of mistress' sissy sluts on the website I nervously asked if we could try this out. 

Before I knew it I was dressed in a frilly blue dress, stockings and a bra with very nice false breasts. We chose a suitable wig and sissy Debbie was born. 

I was gagged with an O ring gag and I was left in no doubt that a strap on was likely to find its way into my eager mouth. 

Mistress then restrained me and took a series of humiliating pictures for her pleasure. I then experienced a caning, not a prolonged thrashing but enough for me to feel for a while afterwards. During this time the gag was doing its job muffling my gasps and making me drawl. I'm not a pain puppy any more but every journey starts with a step. 

I was then pegged by mistress with her strap on which was followed quickly by a pump up butt plug to stretch me for who knows what later on. 

An enema then followed to make sure that everything was nice and clean for a proper seeing to from mistress which soon followed and was mixed with some electrics. 

During all of this my dress had got wet so I was told to take it, the bra and wig off. The stockings stayed on. I was then encased in a rubber vac sack. After some wriggling I found the breathing hole and once settled and safe the zip was closed and the air sucked out leaving me tightly encased in the rubber but able to breathe and communicate. It was a lovely feeling and although I was never left alone I felt completely isolated and vulnerable. 

All to soon I was released and the session was over. Three hours had flown by in the wink of an eye. Mistress and I had a cup of tea during the inevitable sub drop and once I was back in the real world we had a hug and I left with some great memories. I can't wait to play again. 

David x (aka sissy Debbie) 



WOW!!!.....Double Trouble Mistress Satine and Mistress Scylla

I had taken a steady drive to Mistress Satines house and was so looking forward to seeing her and meeting her sister Mistress Scylla. Today is Mistress Satines Birthday and these Beautiful Mistresses had teamed up together again for "Double Trouble" and I was going to be the lucky recipient of all al of their wonderful kinky wickedness!!! I rang the bell and was greeted by a vision of beauty as I looked at both Mistresses who looked absolutely stunning dressed in black leather one-piece outfits and high heel shoes. I couldn't help it but I just kept looking and did manage to get my words out telling them how beautiful they looked. Mistress Scylla looked at me and calmly replied you are 2 minutes late I instantly knew that I was in trouble!!


I was allowed to enter the fantastic Playroom first and I could see that the Canes, Nipple clamps and other wonderful devices had been carefully laid out in preparation!! This was going to be the first time I had sessioned with both Mistresses but could tell that the "Chemistry" between these sisters was flowing from the start and it was going to be a fantastic if painful session to remember for a long time!! I instantly fell to my knees in front of these Beautiful Mistresses and started to remove my clothes which I soon found out was my first mistake. Mistress Satine asked who gave you permission to remove your clothes and Mistress Scylla instantly replied I cannot remember giving you permission!! Get and worship our feet first and then we will decide what we will do with you. Six kisses were given to each foot making sure I worked equally between Mistress Satines and Mistress Scylla's beautiful feet. I was then invited to remove my clothes and kneel in front of them for the first of many challenges to begin!! A blindfold was placed over my face and my nipples would be squeezed by each Mistress I was invited to name which Mistress had squeezed which nipple. I regularly session with Mistress Satine I do know her wonderful "Squeeze" very well but today it was impossible to tell the difference between the two and the more I got wrong the harder the squeezing became!! My pain was absolute pleasure for the Mistresses who were now clearly enjoying themselves and discussing my next "Challenge".


Mistress Satine decided that I should receive "100" hard strokes from her finest Canes and invited Mistress Scylla to administer the strokes as well. I was told to crawl over to the "A Frame" kneel on the stool and make myself comfortable within the frame!! The leather straps were then firmly fitted around my body and attached to the fixing points. Both Mistresses discussed between themselves who would Cane me first!! At this point the feeling of anticipation was wonderful and frightening in equal amounts. I knew I was in the safest of hands and could use the safeword but I never have and didn't want to use it. Mistress Scylla commenced the punishment first by using a Flogger to start the blood flowing and warm up my rather exposed bottom!! Mistress Satine had selected her favourite Cane and started to "Swish" it through the air while Mistress Scylla had ensured that my bottom was nicely warmed up!!! Mistress Satine then stood to the side of me and teased a little by gently tapping my bottom with her favourite Cane. The first stroke was then administered I gasped and pulled against the leather straps as the pain shot through and consumed the whole of my body. I counted "one" and thanked Mistress Satine. This was the first stroke and it was a long way to "100"!! Mistress Satine delivered the next "9" with the same amount of severity and passed the Cane to Mistress Scylla for the next "10" to commence!! This was going to be my first Caning from Mistress Scylla and the anticipation of how hard they would be would soon be known. I felt the Cane gently tapping my bottom and then the strokes were delivered hard and in rapid succession I was trying to keep counting and thank Mistress Scylla at the same time. The pain had started to consume me and to be Caned by these Beautiful Mistresses dressed in black leather was wonderful I was entering "Subspace"!! The Mistresses were now laughing and reminding me to make sure I kept count or we would return back to the beginning!! We were soon at "90" and Mistress Satine was going to execute the final "10" I knew these would be the hardest as she wanted to show Mistress Scylla the high standards, she expects from me and they would be a reminder of what happens if my standards slip!! I was then released from the leather straps and allowed to briefly rest before the next challenge commenced.


Mistress Satine commanded me to lie flat on her punishment bed and leather straps were placed around my arms, chest and legs and fastened tightly what would be the next challenge? I was soon to find out!! Mistress Scylla started to gently squeeze my nipples with her wonderful sharp nails and while my attention was there Mistress Satine had attached and completely covered my cock and balls in pegs and said well you did not tell me to stop!! I certainly knew I was going to get a lot more "Double Trouble" A wonderful device was placed on my chest and hanging from it was nipple clamps which were soon attached by both Mistresses they then took it in turns to tighten the screw ensuring that each nipple was stretched and firmly clamped!! Mistress Satine was sat to my right-hand side and started to "Massage" my nipple with a pin wheel while Mistress Scylla was sat to my left hand side doing the same. The pain was immense but the pleasure of getting so much attention from these Beautiful Mistresses had taken me straight back to "Subspace". As they are sisters they work as one and before you know it you are completely under their "Magical Spell" and are totally hypnotised!!  Mistress Satine passed Mistress Scylla a candle and both Mistresses then started to pour the molten wax around and onto my stretched and sore nipples the pain was so incredible but wonderful all mixed into one!!  They then started to pay attention to the pegs on my cock and balls by slowly removing each peg ensuring as the blood started to flow back maximum pain was achieved. Mistress Satine had placed her hand over my mouth to ensure that my "Screams" of pain and pleasure were kept to a minimum!!


The pegs had been removed but the nipple clamps were still firmly attached and the next challenge would commence it was to be electrics!! Mistress Satine attached the electrical ring to my rather sore cock and inserted the electrical butt plug before connecting the wires and slowly increasing the power!! The pleasure of receiving anal stimulation together with the fantastic "Waterfall" mode flowing through my cock together with both Mistresses massaging my nipples with the pin wheel had taken me to another level of "Subspace" where I had never been before but look forward to going again!!


The time had absolutely flown by and it was time to slowly bring me back to "Earth!" The electrics were slowly turned down and the nipple clamps removed. The pain caused by the blood rushing back into my nipples caused both Mistresses to laugh and Mistress Satine wanted to ensure that my nipples were back to normal and gave each one "6" strokes with her Crop and Mistress Scylla did the same with a nice thin whippy Cane which was very painful. I made sure I thanked each Mistress for each cropping and stroke!! Mistress Satine then used the thin Cane to give me "6" strokes each to the heal of my feet!! There was one final challenge however that I had to get right!!


Mistress Satine and Mistress Scylla sat at either end of the Playroom and I was told to kneel in the middle and face them. Mistress Satine told me that the final challenge was to worship their beautiful feet and I was to carefully give each Mistresses foot "36" kisses to each foot. If I got it wrong there would be consequences!! Mistress Satine told me that I could choose which Mistresses feet to worship first. I replied...My Mistress Satine You own me and I am collard to You so may I worship Your feet first please. Mistress Scylla instantly replied why do you not want to worship my feet first? Mistress Satine looked at me very sharply and said Mistress Scylla is our guest and I do hope you are not being rude to her!! I knew that I was in trouble and consequences would follow!!


Thank You my Mistress Satine and Mistress Scylla for such a wonderful session You both had me climbing on the ceiling and bouncing off the walls!! So looking forward to the next "Double Trouble"


Love Satinesboy XX


October 2019



I had received an email from my Beautiful Mistress Satine informing me that my Training and Development Review was due. You will report to me at 11am tomorrow. You will list all of the areas where improvement is required and submit it to me on your arrival before you worship my feet!! I knew that I would be punished but was not sure how hard as Mistress Satine had spoken to me recently about my tendency to talk to much at times and other areas where improvement is  required. I spent the rest of the day and evening writing up my Training and Development review ensuring the spelling and punctuation was correct and anticipating how strict she would be with me! I woke early the next day and made sure that I arrived at her beautiful house at exactly 11am. I rang the bell and was greeted by Mistress Satine who looked stunning and beautifully dressed in a short red rubber dress, lovely hold up stockings and black killer heeled shoes. 

I entered the Playroom and was greeted by the wonderful aroma of rubber and leather from the fantastic amount of fetish and kinky clothes, hoods and gimp masks Mistress Satine has collected. I handed her the document I had authored in a sealed envelope and stripped down immediately then worshipped her beautiful feet ensuring each toe got the same amount of attention. I then resumed position knelt in front of her while she started to read my document. I was told to move to the "A" Frame and kneel on the stool and make myself comfortable inside the frame. I instantly knew that the correction and punishment would be by Caning but how hard would the strokes be and how many would be administered was racing through my mind!! Few words had been spoken at this point as Mistress Satine was finishing reading and checking the document. I was then firmly tethered by leather straps that were fitted around my body and legs and attached to the fixing points on the frame. Mistress then delivered her verdict. She was pleased with the document but drew attention to the very high standards she expected from me which did fall short due to my tendency to talk too much at times and repeat my sentences!! The punishment and correction will consist of "50" hard strokes delivered in batches of "10". You will thank me for each stroke and any miscounting we start back at the beginning. I was also to take each stroke by breathing in the pleasure and pain and not to scream out!! 

Mistress Satine selected one of her finest Canes presented it to me too kiss the full length of and asked me if I was comfortable before the strokes were administered! I had prepared myself for this the anticipation was wonderful and frightening in equal amounts. I knew I was in the safest of hands with my Mistress Satine and the safeword could be used but I have never had to use it and didn't want too!! Mistress stood to the side of me and teased a little by "swishing" the Cane through the air a few times before the first stroke was administered. I gasped and pulled against the leather restraints as the pain shot through my body making sure I counted "one" and thanked Mistress Satine. This was the first stroke and it was a long way to "50"!! The first set of "10" were delivered with the same amount of severity and my concentration levels together with the pain and pleasure had started to take me into a new place called "Subspace". I made sure that I thanked her for each stroke and she replied with her wonderful smile you are most welcome I hope you are learning your lesson!! After "40" hard strokes and being allowed to look at Goddess Mistress Satine dressed in rubber and Caning me so hard I was truly in "Subspace"!! 

The final set of "50" had been delivered I had learnt my lesson and will ensure that my standards do not slip again!! 

Thank You my Goddess Mistress Satine for Training me to the highest standards. 

Love Satinesboy XX  August 2019



30 July 2019

I've just returned home after another fantastic session with Mistress Satine. The three hours flew by and as usual I was able to live out my fetish 'kink' in a safe but very exciting environmentShe is a very intuitive lady who is able to stretch your limits whilst you are floating around in sub space and you suddenly realise that you are starting to enjoy an activity that you once found uncomfortable after a bad experience with another person. So long as you are open and honest with her she will reward you with a smile, a twinkle in her eye and a fantastic session. I can't wait to play again. David x




Yesterday I attended my first session with Mistress Satine.  It was a fantastic experience.  Perhaps you are reading these reviews and debating whether to contact Mistress Satine to book a session.  Please do so.  This was my first session with Mistress Satine and only my second with a Pro Domme.  I was excited and nervous in equal measures.  Mistress Satine went out of her way in the build up to our meeting to communicate with me and delve deeply into what I was looking for from the session.  She asked me questions that really made me think.  I thought that the scrambled thoughts that I had communicated to her would be too vague or random for her to formulate into a meaningful session.  I was wrong.  I asked Mistress Satine to create a playful and yet sadistic tone to our session.  I explained that I wanted to be scared during what I described as a 'playful interrogation'.  Mistress Satine did this perfectly.  From the moment that I entered  her lovely, discreet house, followed to her to the playroom and ordered to strip naked I was totally under her spell.  Mistress Satine asserted her authority immediately.  She knew that my eyes were darting excitedly around her incredibly well equipped play room.  (Honestly it is like a kinky Alladins cave').

The details of the session are probably best kept in my memory.  But for an hour I was playfully tortured.  (My nipples are still sensitive).  My cock and balls were tied and tortured with electrics and a variety of other innovative, misheviously painful methods.  It turns out that these tortures are far more scary when blindfolded.  One of my enduring memories of the session is being blindfolded, tied totally vulnerable and hearing the crackle of the electrics getting closer and close to very sensitive parts of my body.  Hearing a silence and then a sadistic giggle from Mistress Satine remains one of the scariest and sexiest things I have ever experienced.


Thank you Mistress Satine for an utterly amazing experience.  I will definitely be back soon.  July 2019

Just has a wonderful session with Mistress Satine. From her well equipped dungeon/studio she

caters for most aspects of the BDSM scene. Friendly and relaxed, she can push the boundaries 

especially with elecrics ,CBT NT and the cane. I thoroughly recommend her!

Slave Patrick 2019

After a series of emails, I found myself in the presence of Mistress Satine for my fourth session. Her gorgeous hair was beautifully braided and after a brief getting to re know you chat it was upstairs to her play room. She was keen to show me some new toys that she was anxious to play with including a shiny black body sack with an attached fitted hood which would mean complete sensory deprivation at some point in the near future. Mistress fitted my tight rubber ponytail hood and I was strapped to a frame and flogged until my back was red and I was off into sub space. It was then into the body sack which confined me completely. The material was very thin and this enabled mistress easy access to my sensitive parts and enabled static electricity to pass straight through. The session continued and I was subjected to many torments and experiences which stretched me in many ways. Throughout our time together mistress was attentive and we reinforced the trust we had developed in our earlier sessions. All too soon the three hours were over and I was gently brought back to the real worldAnother fantastic, fun and exciting session with Mistress Satine. I can't wait until next time. 

Dave x 

I first visited Mistress Satine well over ten years ago and have since been having regular sessions under her careful supervision. I can truly say there is no better Mistress You will ever come across. 

Her beauty is beyond belief with flame coloured wavy hair, piercing very perceptive and intelligent eyes that almost see right through you and a figure to match, with the most beautiful legs you will ever see right down to her perfect feet. Add to that her wonderful and captivating personality with a wicked sense of humour and what more can a sub wish for.

She is a very caring but strict and very experienced mistress despite her young years and youthful looks. Do not be fooled. She listens very carefully and I promise uses the information she gains against you. She can be very cruel and that is when she is most gorgeous but she does really respect your limits, though mine have been stretched and I am so grateful that I can now enjoy her sadism despite not ever having been a masochist. It gives me endless pleasure to see Her enjoying herself and come crawling for more.

I could go on; but suffice to say that as far as I am concerned, I would like to continue serving Her for as long as She will have me. I have grown so much as a slave and am becoming ever more submissive with my limits extended ever so slowly over the years. I was delighted when a few years ago she accepted me as one of her owned slaves. I am honoured to be part of her stable of slaves. Satines Foot Bitch July 2019

I have had an interest in BDSM since my late teenage years and have visited many professional Mistresses during this time. I first contacted Mistress Satine about 11 years ago and found that her "Dungeon in the Woods" is not that far from me. I made my first appointment to see Mistress Satine in 2015 and soon found that she is the most wonderful Mistress you can wish for and have been visiting regularly on a 6-week basis since 2017.


The Playroom is located in a beautiful house in rural Worcestershire and is totally discrete with a lot of off-road parking. After many sessions with Mistress Satine I do know her well and one of the many magical parts of the session is when I approach the front door and ring the bell. She is naturally beautiful with a wonderful figure and long flowing red hair and will be wearing one of the many stunning outfits she has. I do like the rubber dresses she has complete with stockings and killer high heal shoes.


Her Playroom is comprehensively stocked with the most fantastic quality fetish equipment you could wish for and whatever your fetish and kinky desires are I am sure they can be accommodated. Mistress Satine is young and has experience way beyond her years and is always totally confident and will push you in the most painful but safest ways.


After visiting many Mistresses for the years before I met Mistress Satine I had become confused with the BDSM scene and told her so at our pre session chat. Mistress told me that I now belonged to her and she would train me to a very high standard. It was one of the most magical things I have ever been told and I have never looked back. We have tried so many scenarios during my training and always seem to have a lot of laughs and I have never had to use the safe word as Mistress knows just how far to push me. We have found that I have turned into a pain slut and enjoy being caned whilst firmly attached to the "A" frame my pain threshold has increased and can now take "50" hard strokes and then it is the wonderful world of nipple clamps, electrics and anal play.


Thank You my Mistress Satine. You are a true Goddess


Love Satinesboy XX June 2019


I have been visiting Mistress Satine regularly for the last five years on a monthly basis.  I just wish I could see her more often.  I have been seeing professional Mistresses since 2001, I just wish I had found Mistress Satine sooner as she is everything you could wish for whatever your naughty, kinky desires.


Her playroom is in a beautiful country house in the countryside in Worcestershire, totally discrete with plenty of parking on the drive.  One of my  favourite moments when I visit is ringing the doorbell and waiting for Mistress to open it. She is stunningly attractive and will be dressed incredibly sexily.  She loves rubber and some of her outfits are stunning.  She has a gorgeous figure and the most beautiful, long red hair.  


Her playroom is not huge but it is hugely stocked whatever your kinky tastes.  I can't think of a fetish or desire that she wouldn't be able to accommodate and although she is young she has experience way beyond her years. She is always totally confident in whatever procedure she carries out and although we have tried some fairly extreme games, I have never felt apprehensive when under her confident control.   She is also great fun and we have a lot of laughs particularly when she is pushing my limits. which she regularly does.


My main fetishes are CP, electrics and anal/strapon play.  I don't need a safe word, Mistress knows me so well that she knows when I can't take any more.  She has a vast array of hitty things, floggers canes paddles etc. and I have tried most of them but have to confess I love the cane the best, Mistress manages to get me into subspace fairly easily and the pain becomes pure pleasure.  Mistress has a superb range of electrical devices and electrodes and although we see each other very regularly she always manages to find different ways to torture me.  As for anal play, with the help of the poppers which she can provide, she has turned me into a complete anal slut.  We have gone from very small strapons to a range of huge dildos and strange insertables and still trying bigger.


Whatever your needs I am sure Mistress Satine would be able to accommodate you in a safe, sexy and fun session.  She is Brilliant.

love Satines's teddy x June 2019

I recently had my second session with Mistress Satine, and wow I'm already looking forward to my third. I asked for the session to be set around humiliation, and CBT and I loved every moment of it. It was obvious Mistress Satine took the time to read through my email carefully, and delivered everything I wanted to experience with her. I was very impressed with how the session was planned out, as i did send quite a lengthy email explaining things. I asked for my limits to be pushed, and Mistress Satine really did push them judging me carefully throughout. The experience really does show, and she had my complete trust from start to finish. Towards the end of the session I thought my limit has been reached, we paused i collected myself and we both locked eyes for a few seconds. That beautiful piercing look I can still picture it now, made me want to push it further which I can't thank you enough for. I remember the conversation we both had before my first session, and i said i wanted to go on a journey of discovery, and I certainly am loving the journey so far. I would encourage any newbies out there just as I was, to get in contact, as Mistress Satine has allowed me to truly be myself, and submit. Thank you.

Earlier today was my first ever session and my first experience with Mistress Satine, and oh boy the smile on my face still hasn't come down! I came across Mistress Satine's website a while ago and plucked up the courage, and decided to get in contact. I explained i had little to no experience and I wasn't quite sure how I would like the ideal first session to play out, I wanted to experience and try so much. We discussed my likes and limits over emails, and set on the time and date.

Mistress Satine was very understanding and welcoming, which really put me at ease as I was incredibly nervous as I had dreamt about this moment all my life!
I'm not going to share the session in detail, but what I will say it was truly amazing i loved every moment. I felt very comfortable in Mistress Satines hands, and she had my complete trust all throughout the session. Very professional from beginning to the end, and I could tell she really enjoys and takes pride in her sessions. We slightly over ran the time booked, but Mistress Satine was determined to make my first experience being a slave special! Which I really can't thank you enough for, it was truly memorable!
I will booking for my second session very soon, as I'm really looking forward to the journey of discovery! Thank you!

My visit to Mistress Satine.

I had visited a couple of mistresses before but became disillusioned by the blandness and drifted away from the idea. Something sparked my interest again and thankfully I found Mistress Satine's website.

I like to be dominated in a very sensual way, but not demeaned. Mistress encouraged me to tell her my fantasies by email beforehand and many of them came true!

Satine is Australian for beauty, and Mistress is truly a beautiful woman both in body and personality.

I requested an erotic image and was greeted by endless slim legs, her peachy bottom and perfect breasts.

A relaxing chat with a coffee preceded my having the pleasure of following her upstairs to her lair. Then the shift - naturally - to her taking charge.

Once stripped I was inspected and she looked deep into my eyes and my nipples felt their first of many encounters with her immaculate red razor nails.

With my back to the A frame Mistress worked her way down my front and then front to the frame I was chastised with flame and floggers, I had electricity through my cock, and a large weight stretched my balls.

As a reward for my suffering I was then allowed the opportunity to worship her, and whilst I kissed her nipples to encourage me she twisted mine.

Then into the sling on my back, tethered and helpless. Attention at the back door, more wax, more electrics and even more to my singing nipples. I held on for all I could but of course Mistress won in the end and extracted the ultimate tribute from me.

How did I feel?

Different to how I have ever felt before. It was as if I was an instrument and Mistress was playing me and seeing what notes she could get from me. She took me to limits I did not know I had and I wonder how much further I could go - Mistress will no doubt show me on my next visit.

I am not given to flights of fancy in my ordinary life and always before did not really accept the term "Slave" but with my Lady Satine, I am simply her Loving Slave M. 




My first visit to mistress,

Having followed the instructions of my mistress Satine I arrived at her beaitiful house, after parking i rang the bell and stood in amazement when Mistress answered the door dressed as a dominant goddess. Mistress is so beautiful, her long legs in stockings causing me to go week at the knees. I could happily of just sat and looked at Mistress for hours. I was invited in, sat down and had a lovely open chat with Mistress for 15-20mins over a drink. Mistress Satine listened concisely and carefully to my likes and desires, my boundaries and my limits, I could see mistress Satine enjoyed to find out what i liked and was planning our session as we chatted. Mistress Satine is both sensationally beautiful and intelligent, having a good sense of humour and being a supremely dominant mistress when in session. Im not going into detail, but I had the most facinating, submissive hour. I will never forget looking into mistresses eyes, I already yearn to see them again. After session i had a lovely shower and again Mistress Satine took time to discuss our session, a truly exceptional Mistress. I reccomend to all

Slave Andy


Earlier today was my first ever session and my first experience with Mistress Satine, and oh boy the smile on my face still hasn't come down! I came across Mistress Satine's website a while ago and plucked up the courage, and decided to get in contact. I explained i had little to no experience and I wasn't quite sure how I would like the ideal first session to play out, I wanted to experience and try so much. We discussed my likes and limits over emails, and set on the time and date.

Mistress Satine was very understanding and welcoming, which really put me at ease as I was incredibly nervous as I had dreamt about this moment all my life!

I'm not going to share the session in detail, but what I will say it was truly amazing i loved every moment. I felt very comfortable in Mistress Satines hands, and she had my complete trust all throughout the session. Very professional from beginning to the end, and I could tell she really enjoys and takes pride in her sessions. We slightly over ran the time booked, but Mistress Satine was determined to make my first experience being a slave special! Which I really can't thank you enough for, it was truly memorable!

I will be booking for my second session very soon, as I'm really looking forward to the journey of discovery! Thank you!


Mistress, as promised. 2019

My first session with Mistress Satine was eagerly anticipated as I'd seen her profile on the internet for a while but at the time I was visiting another mistress.  

This bdsm relationship came to an end and after a few months away from the scene i decided the time was right to make contact with her. 

After a number of emails and a telephone conversation I found myself knocking on the front door of her discreet chamber. The door was answered by a raven haired lady dressed in rubber. The photos on the website don't do her justice.

She invited me in and showed me upstairs into her play room. I'd seen a number of similar rooms in the past but this was an  Aladdin's cave of kink and bdsm. 

There were several large pieces of equipment and rows of exciting looking restraints, masks, hoods, whips and floggers along with neatly arranged fetish clothing, wigs and accessories. 

My mind was racing as we discussed the outline we'd previously agreed would be the basis of the three hours of the session.

I was told to remove my clothes and I found myself completely vulnerable and at the mercy of my new mistress. 

I don't believe that a blow by blow account  (no pun intended) of my session is necessary as each submissive will have there own unique experience suffice to say however it was incredibly professional, safe, sane, consensual and above all great fun.

All to soon the session ended and we had a chat to bring me out of 'sub space'.

I have to honestly say that if you are a bit hesitant about contacting mistress Satine or are a little nervous don't be. Jump in and enjoy the ride. You may be hooked.

Dave x   

New slaves Tribute march 2017

I had seen Mistress Satine’s site before and when I had a day to myself I decided to take the plunge and give her a call. From the initial enquiry through to the instructions of how to find her everything was excellent communications wise. 
I arrived at the address given and was extremely impressed by the property but even more by its owner. It is a common comment that’ her pictures don’t do her justice’ but this is the case with Mistress Satine. The details of our meeting are between us but I have to say that she listened to what we had spoken about and devised a session which was both satisfying and adventurous whilst as the same time testing. At all times it was clear who was in charge and she had me trembling with anticipation whilst on my knees looking up at her. 
I will certainly be visiting Mistress Satine again in the near future and am looking forwards to the next session. 
I hope the above meets with your approval and look forward to seeing you soon. 
Many thanks Nigel 

"You get the feeling she is enjoying it, enjoying it too much ! As Mistress Satine administers the chosen punishment you are left helpless in the hands of this young, pretty dominatrix who will totally abuse and humiliate you. I have visited 3 times now and I've had a superb time each time, Mistress is strict, decisive and let's you know who's boss from the start. The Dungeon is large and well equipped and in a private residence with off road parking. I would fully recommend Mistress Satine for anyone who's tired of the same old ageing domina's who are merely going through the motions. She's youthful and genuinely enjoys her role, and has experience beyond her years". Steve

Why did I choose Mistress Satine ? Just look at her website; there is an incredible amount of information on it. Just look at the pictures of Mistress Satine herself. She's stunning ! This is my story (so far.........) When I arrived at her apartment for my first session, Mistress Satine gave me a warm and friendly welcome and we sat down for a chat and a drink before we began, so that we could be clear about what direction the session should take and also for me to be reassured about what are called these days "health and safety" issues. Everything was fine - and it was time to begin. Mistress Satine told me to undress and to step into her playroom. Throughout the next hour and a half she introduced me to some new and heady experiences; she was in control throughout and I soon developed a real trust in her and her expertise. She knew what I wanted and sensed the appropriate level to work at for a beginner like me. I knew I would be back for more. A few weeks later, I returned for a second session. This time, I decided to be bolder and to do more to test my limits. Mistress Satine agreed to take part in a scenario I had dreamt up as a way to give some shape to what I wanted to do. In the chat we had before we started this was modified slightly by Mistress Satine to make it a bit more powerful. Then , naked, I entered her room with real sense of foreboding about what I might experience at her hands. What followed was one of the most intense experiences I have had for a very long time; an intoxicating cocktail of pain and pleasure, expertly mixed and dispensed by Mistress Satine. Her feeling for what I wanted was quite uncanny, and at the end of the session she gently lowered me back to earth and gave me time to get myself together. There was even time for me to have a chat with her before I had to go. Wonderful. Mistress Satine is quite some lady and certainly has my admiration and Respect. chris.

Another Fabulous Session with Mistress Satine

I arrived for what i thought would be my usual session, only to find that my mind was blown away by the excitement generated.

Mistress Satine greeted me in a new outfit that she had only just bought – it was the tightest red dress you could image, showing off all those beautiful curves. The hem was very high – so high you could really call it just a wide belt or perhaps a pelmet. Those long, graceful legs were too die for and she had a new pair of black shoes with extremely high heels making her tower over me as I gazed into her twinkling eyes.

I received my usual caning to start the session (altogether 26 strokes delivered with care and precision) and of course a fair amount of pain. I gritted my teeth as I counted carefully so as not to encourage Mistress Satine to increase the punishment.

She then proceeded to apply her make-up – firstly to the face and I watched how carefully she used the lip-stick so as to slowly build up the luscious sheen – how I longed to kiss those sensuous inviting lips. Then she applied nail polish to her long pointed nails – a bright sparkling red – I was of course made to blow gently on them to help them to dry. On completion she spent 10 minutes testing the nails out on my nipples – i shrieked with pain as the nails tore into my flesh – pure delight at being at the tender mercy of such a beautiful goddess.

I prepare a meal for Mistress and served and waited at the table (steak with salad, glass of white wine and lemon meringue). She then smoked a cigarette blowing smoke into my face. She had left a small piece of tart & cream on her plate and during the smoking she carefully flicked the ash onto the piece of tart and cream. As she finished the cigarettes she slowed stubbed the cigarette out onto the pastry, smiling as she did so. Now she added turning to me with that wicked smile. You will finish ALL that i have left, the cream with all the ash and then you will take the tart with the cigarette stub, suck off all the lip stick and then chew the stub at least 30 times before swallowing. My discomfort at this simple chore caused great pleasure to Mistress Satine.

I was then taken to her upper room where I was made to kneel and close my eyes. I suddenly felt a cold sticky mess running down my face. I opened my eyes to find that yolk and egg white was streaming down my face with bits of egg shell. Mistress Satine was having a wonderful time as she rubbed the bits into my face, hair and chest and then increased the discomfort by breaking another egg. I was then forced to lie and squirm in the mess as she made sure that all my body received its share of the mess.

With Mistress Satine’s permission and help I then was allowed to climax with her assistance and encouragement.

Many thanks for a great day


For a long time now I have felt the desire to visit a Mistress, to see if any of my dreams could become reality, having finally built up the courage I contacted Mistress Satine via e-mail, I got a quick reply and we continued with the e-mails discussing my likes, dislikes and my expectations of an impending session. When I spoke to Mistress Satine on the phone she was presented with a rambling idiot, but her soft friendly voice instantly disarmed me of my nervousness. The time came for my first audience with Mistress Satine, I arrived on time and armed with a bottle of wine, which I knew she liked from the information that was placed on her website. The door was opened by her maid who showed me through to Mistress Satine, who may I say the pictures of her on her website do not do her true justice, my nerves were once again calmed by her beauty , her warm and friendly nature put me at ease. We sat in the lounge and chatted over a coffee once again going over my likes and dislikes, she showed an overwhelming desire to find out more of what I was about, which enabled both of us to get more out of our first session. I was lead through to her playroom, this was my first visit to a dungeon and was impressed with its presentation and how well equipped it is. Upon entering the dungeon Mistress Satine's voice and manner changed as she slipped into full Dom mode. Mistress Satine quickly established my threshold and started to push me towards my limits without me having to use our safe word, I feel that the full details of our session are best kept between Mistress Satine and myself. After the session we had a further chat to find out my thoughts on our time together, were all information seemed to be digested and used in further sessions. You will not be surprised that I have once again visited Mistress Satine, were once again the allotted time went all to quickly, the second session was as different and as exciting as the first one, what I really enjoyed was the way you made our sessions feel fun and natural, through our sessions together I have gained a confidence in myself that I never thought was there. Mistress Satine took me on a journey of discovery that day, which involved pleasure and pain some of which I had previously only dreamt about, not only did she explore my limits she gained my total trust. My experiences with Mistress Satine have far exceeded all my expectations and I can highly recommend Mistress Satine's services to anyone who is interested in exploring themselves, what I will say is that you be truthful about what you want from Satine and you will be rewarded with something special, something very special indeed. Sub Emily.

My visit to Mistress Satine This was my first ever visit to Mistress Satine due to a cock up on my behalf I couldn’t keep the appointed time I called Mistress Satine who kindly agreed to let me visit her later that day. Although I have experience in the scene I had not visited a mistress for over two years and was nervous and apprehensive. On arrival I was shown into the lounge where Mistress Satine was waiting for me. There my eyes fell upon what can only be described as a stunning goddess. Mistress was dressed in a black PVC Mack and matching dress and long boots. Mistress Satine offered me refreshments and we discussed my session she soon put me at ease. Mistress Satine then left me for a few short moments then came back and summoned me to her dungeon gone was that friendly chat I knew I was now at her mercy. Mistress Satine ordered me to strip in front of her once I was striped she then humiliated me about my small penis. I spent over an hour with Mistress Satine and was humiliated spanked, whipped, caned and also had my worthless penis tortured. One of my apprehensions before the appointment was Mistress Satine`s age as I had never visited a mistress so young, well all I can say is Mistress Satine although young is superb her verbal humiliation is out of this world and once she had realised what levels of punishment I needed she went on to surpass my expectations. My only hope is that Mistress Satine will allow this worthless slave to visit her again. Slave steve

Having seen this lady's web site I arranged an appointment with Mistress Satine, as it seemed her "likes" were similar to my own. I arrived for the session to be greeted by Mistress dressed in a black mini skirt and top with over the knee heeled boots. I must say she is seriously gorgeous with legs to die for. She made me feel at ease very quickly, discussing my likes/dislikes over a drink in her lounge. It became apparent that Mistress Satine enjoys what see does and takes her time in assessing her client's requirements. She also had taken note of the e-mails between us, as she was able to list most of the things I like during a session.Her "playroom" was clean, well equipped and the session I thought went very well. It was obvious that Mistress Satine enjoys her position and she puts a lot of thought and effort in to ensuring I enjoyed the session as much as she did. She also took time out to show me her wardrobe and her other equipment. I must say some of her outfits were stunning. Afterwards, over another drink, we discussed what we both thought of our first "scene" and how it could be developed in the future. I must say, (and I hope she does not mind me saying it) that I have rarely encountered such confidence and enthusiasm in one so young.In summary, I was very lucky to book Mistress Satine. She is very attractive, attentive to my needs, whilst always assertive in her manner and authority. Her personality alone is second to none. Have I had a better session in the last five years? Almost certainly not. Would I visit Mistress again? Are you kidding? I just hope Mistress Satine allows me to develop our Sub/Dom relationship and explore my darker side further Today i was privilege to serve 2 Goddesses mistress Satine of course and the divine mistress Velvet who is equally sublime out of the 2 who is the sexiest well a sissy has no right to say maybe from fears of extra slaps from the other next time I am lucky enough to meet them again from the moment the session started i quickly assumed my place on the ground normally as these 2 Goddesses used me as a door matt i can still feel there feet on my back and I am still not calmed down i cant explain the feeling of having 2 ladies yell at me spank me slap me spit at me and having Mistress Velvet helping me into my nightdress well again im still calming down the session flew by how close did i come to a kiss well not very i guess but i did get close lol anyway if u love sessions with Mistress Satine u will love Mistress Velvet as well so book a session fellow subs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Satine holds tremendous power over me. Her very presence is intimidating. i freeze when i am Her presence. Made to stand to attention, fully exposed to Her icy stares and glances.She is dressed in the silkiest of clothes, shining like a beacon. The skirt is very short; the top is see-through pressing into Her firm breasts. She wears, as always, beautiful, shimmering black stockings and shoes with the highest heel imaginable.She orders me to attention, slowly looking up and down my body, walking around every detail, sliming at my inadequacies. Her face is stern, and She stands in front of my hand on hips, legs apart. i am forced to look up into Her face. And know for the severest session of punishment you have ever known, She exclaims. She informs me of the reason for being here. The main reason of course because of Her desire to punish one of Her weak slaves, for Her amusement and pleasure.Before the punishment begins i am made to light Her cigarette. This is not easy as i have to stand on tip toe, to reach the cigarette. She takes great pleasure in blowing smoke very slowly into my face. Her pouting lips drawing very close to me face each time, so close that i can smell, almost even taste the beautiful and exotic fragrance of Her lip stick. She holds the cigarette in Her fingers and gently rubs each nipple, and She allows the smoke to drift into my eyes. my eyes are drawn like magnets to the tip of Her cigarette which is stained pink from Her sensuous lips. As my nipples are slowly aroused She gently squeezes, increasing the pressure each time, smiling at my discomfort. And then the real tests Miss Satine allows Her nails to do the damaged. She reminds me that Her nails have been especially sharpened for my pleasure. i am force to kiss each one and thank for this treat. The pain from the nail squeezing is almost unbearable - the pain reaches Miss Satine as She is trying to squeeze the life out of me, blowing even more smoke into my face, and forcing me into my knees as i try to escape Her clutches.i then receive the first of my judicial punishments. A real hand slapping. i enjoy the Miss Satine holds me face with one hand, usually with a cigarette, and takes the other hand all the way back, and then down with full force. My face is unable to move held in Her vice like grip and the smack rebounds around the room. Ten on each cheek, repeated is the punishment. Tears come into my eyes, initially from the smoke, nut then from the exquisite slapping. There is something special about hand to face slapping. It is personal, and I am forced to look first at the hand and then Miss Satine's smiling face as She gets maximum pleasure from my discomfort.This is then followed by over the knees hand spanking. i am made to stretch over Miss Satine's knees. Stretched over those beautiful and desirable knees wearing those very silky, smooth satin stockings. i am forced to lie with my cock resting on Her knees or even between them. She explains that She has no choice but to hold my cock in a vice like grip to make sure that i do not move during the spanking. During the spanking i am unable to resist the physical contact of being at Miss Satine's mercy as She constantly presses and then releases her knees, and of course She shows none as my bottom is fully exposed to the pleasure of Her hand. Time and again it comes down, and again tears are bought to my eyes. Eventually i am allowed to stand gingerly up and light another cigarette. It is then i notice the lack of smile on Her face. Look at this mess She remarks pointing to the top of Her stockings. i am forced to admit to my weakness and failings and lack of control for which i will receive a severe, really severe caning. Not just six of the best but far more and of real intensity She promises.This caning, whipping is given with the greatest of pleasures. The cane is thin and really whippy, and alternatively a leather crop is brought down with a real whippy action, singing in the air before it bites into my bottom.After this caning, which again makes my knees buckle, i am forced again to stand and receive a good verbal dressing down from the acerbic tongue of Miss Satine. She chooses Her words so carefully making me feel like a naughty boy being admonished by a severe Mistress.If Miss Satine is a pleasing mood, She allows me to help Her apply Her make-up. i pass each of the cosmetics in turn to Her orders as She slowly transform Her beautiful face into that of a goddess. I am made to stand and admire this Goddess and if I am lucky, and Miss Satine is a generous mood I am allowed to worship Her. She rests Her hand on mine She gently applies her nail varnish, using my hand as rest.It is then time for me to serve Miss Satine Her lunch. This is a very pleasing part of the day as i enjoy cooking for My Mistress. During this preparation, i am forced to return to wait on Her constantly. She can be and is very demanding but it is a real pleasure to be allowed to continually be at Her every whim and mercy. Following the meal I then pamper Miss Satine as She relaxes and smokes - I dream that one day She will smoke a cigar. I would find this a very powerful indication of the power Miss Satine exerts on Her slave. To have to light a cigar and have the smoke blow, seeing the fat cigar in Her fingers and She uses this to maximise Her position over me a humble slave!!!!!! This is sometimes followed by receiving the torment of Miss Satine's heels on all parts of my body. She presses down until anguish comes over my face, and then She presses down even more.And then on to further fun and games, and torture and torment.Possible areas that are exciting, are to be bound and stretched and then to have my nipples and other parts of my body tormented by those beautiful nails and fingers. Maybe a small interrogation session as Miss Satine's wishes to challenge my thoughts. How long could i resist or want to - maybe it would be the promise of some pleasure or delight if i could hold out!Then there is the possibility of anal training, as I am sure Miss Satine would enjoy making me squirm as She pins my down from behind. Electric torture and violet wands exposure have only been a small part of my training. Miss Satine i am sure will derive great pleasure from extending my body to a special session.However, it is the power of Miss Satine's personality. That i am under Her complete control, to do exactly as She demands at all times. i enjoy the psychological games that Miss Satine plays and of course will enjoy submitting and promising to providing Her with the promised trip to Devon. We discuss in detail the special pleasures that await me in Devon. How she will make be her slave and what I will have to do to please Her.As I am writing this essay, i have slowly become aroused at the thought of the way i will be forced to be at the mercy of Miss Satine. My nipples especially are fully aroused and i am imagining Miss Satine standing in front of me, in Her high heels smoking and slowly making Her way towards me - smiling as Her fingers slowly reach out for my nipples. And then the fun begins or is it in my imagination.

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