Spoil Me

I like a man with a past

I like a man with a future

But nothings compares To a man with a present!

If you want to make Me happy, come and see Me. If you want to make Me very happy come and see Me and bring Me something nice. Mistress loves presents, but then she’s a girl, and what girl doesn’t!

She likes - White roses

She loves – Stockings Shoes or boots (size 6 and heels) Corsets (size 10) Wigs (preferably real hair) Lingerie (size -10 34B) Toys (Kinky, not Dinky!)

She adores - Jewellery (Gold, Silver, Diamond, Opal, Jade

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Agent Provocateur Fairy Gothmother

Anything in rubber Anything in leather Anything made-to-measure

She dreams of - A Harley Davidson (in Black and Red) A Mini Cooper (Soft top of course!!!)  An villa in Mallorca (or anywhere really) Pa​mper days out and spa treatments. Or alternatively you can purchase some things from My Amazon Wish List. This will get delivered to My address! please press on the logos. I look forward to My postman delivering something nice. So are you going to be the slave that pampers your Mistress The way She deserves?

Mistress Satine xXx

If you would like to send Me cash please send Me an Amazon Gift Voucher or tribute me via my site.



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